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Show your appreciation and delight your guests on your special day, by presenting them with a little gift - otherwise known as a Wedding Favour.

Betty's Wedding Favours consist of two Whoopie Pies presented in beautiful packaging!  You can give them to your guests in the hotel, at the wedding breakfast, or at the end of the night.  

Whoopie Pies come in four delicious flavours - chocolate, carrot cake, vanilla or lavender.  Like a cupcake sandwich, each one is filled with a delicious Swiss meringue buttercream filling.  Gluten free or/and vegan options are also available.

Or Betty can create a special bespoke Whoopie Pie for you...a heart shape for example, your favourite flavour, a bit of glitter, or just something which matches with the wedding decor.  

Contact Betty directly to discuss your requirements or check out our shop.

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